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Cloud Raxak Protect

GMS Global Solutions Private Limited is an authorized resellerof “Cloud Raxak Protect”, an unique innovative SaaS ( Software As A Service ) product that caters to the needs of cyber security compliance requirements of mission critical organizations such as in retail, banking, defense, healthcare, government and finance industries in a simple and an effective way.

The security compliance product has been globally recognized as leaders by partners such as IBM, HPE, Google, Amazon, Intel, Rackspace and well known research organizations such as Gartner and Forrester Research in the Cloud Security Compliance Domain.

Below table provides key differentiators from other similar security compliance products in the market.



Key Features

  • Mission Critical Level Protection
    • Security Profiles using Defense Industry Systems Agency (DISA STIGS)
    • Customer Support for Industry Standards HIPAA, FFIEC, PCI DSS (Credit Card)
  • 24x7 Automated Compliance and Remediation
    • 24x7 Monitoring
    • Auto Remediation
    • Audit Ready Reporting Available 24x7
    • Self-Serve or Managed Service
  • One Touch Compliance Across Cloud
    • One Touch Security Service Across Public and Private Cloud with IT Service Catalog
    • DevOps Integration for Full Application Life Cycle Security
  • Scalable, Flexible and Efficient
    • Scalable Architecture
    • Agentless
    • API Driven
    • SaaS or Software Appliance for highly secure environments
    • Virtual or Bare Metal Resources

Key Benefits

  • Enterprises
    • Reduce Costs by 40-60% with automated security
    • Secure Sensitive, Finance, Healthcare and Retail
  • Developers
    • Integrated Security Compliance into DevOps
    • Apply Security Throughout Application Life Cycle
  • Cloud Start-up’s
    • Public Clouds require you to handle security
    • Secure Data through Automated 24x7 Compliance
    • Day One Security Compliance to Industry Regulatory Standards
    • Peace of Mind

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